Company Profile - Özge Plastic

Company Profile

Özge Plastic, starting to its commercial activity in 1970, with its long-term backwards experience and with sound infrastructure, is having the joy of justified pride of giving service to esteemed firms, like yours. Experienced and Professional staff, with managerial skills, is underwriting new successes everyday. The steps of this sound foundations, being quality, hygiene, innovations and transparency is going on today, too.

Our machinery park and capacity is increased every year. Our firm, targeting as the sole aim, in coming in front of you, always with innovations and fulfill your demands, is directing its success, in this direction, on coming years. With this consciousness, we are in a position to educate and direct the new generation into our structure. Starting with you and going on this line, we thank you for being, near us, and wish this togetherness to continue for a lifespan period.

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